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Ozzie Summerville |

Spanish Workshop for Children is a world class Spanish language immersion program and my daughter has made remarkable strides in becoming bilingual thanks to the the top-quality instructions from her teacher, Sra. Victoria! My daughter started with SWFC when she just turned 3 years old and has attended the preschool class as well as the summer camp for the last 2 years. When she started, she already had a wide vocabulary and good understanding of Spanish but she wasn’t speaking. Within the first week, Sra. Victoria had her asking simple questions and within a month she was already speaking in paragraphs! Now she is even reading in Spanish! Sra. Victoria is very nurturing and has an interactive style that ensures the child is acquiring Spanish as a native-speaking child would. I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made and will be forever grateful to Sra. Victoria and Spanish Workshop for Children for helping my child become bilingual!

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