Susan Cordero

Ozzie Summerville |

Hi Marcela, I looked very hard for a Spanish program for my 18-month-old. ‘Spanish Workshop for Children’ is the only program that actually encourages children to start as early as possible. Marcela answered all of my questions about how children could learn to speak two languages at the same time. She emphasized over and over that children can learn to speak two languages without too much difficulty, as long as they are repeatedly exposed to the additional language in many different ways. Marcela’s teaching style is very unique. She incorporates music, art, playtime, and culture into each session. All of the lessons are provided to parents in both Spanish and English translations. You don’t even realize that you and your child are learning to speak Spanish! Marcela goes above and beyond, providing individual feedback to parents about how to tailor activities to their child’s age. Most of all, I appreciate her suggestions on how to keep the learning process going at home. I was very impressed with Marcela’s previous teaching experience. She seems to be constantly involved in the most up-to-date ways to educate children and adults on the importance of speaking Spanish. In addition, she provides parents with opportunities to obtain Spanish teaching tools (i.e., computer programs, stores to purchase educational books, and Spanish activities within the community).

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