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As a parent, you want the best for your child—the right schools, the right friends, the best education money can buy—every advantage life has to offer. Did you know that competency in a second language gives kids a competitive edge, not only now but throughout the rest of their lives?

To arm your child with these invaluable bilingual skills, Spanish Workshop for Children is delighted to bring you and them an innovative and fun Spanish Immersion Program.

“But my child’s too young,” you’re thinking. Not so! In fact, toddlers, preschoolers and primary school-aged children are at the prime learning stage of their life. Right now, they are able to easily and naturally grasp the same new language skills older children and adults struggle with.

Our proven Spanish Workshop Immersion Methodology leverages that learning potential while children are at their prime. Spanish Workshop for Children departs from the traditional curriculum so many of our cookie-cutter competitors embrace to offer a natural and easy way for children to learn, all while enjoying themselves.

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Every week it is something new and exciting for the children

I've never seen total immersion for kids like this. Marcela takes the children on a journey into a Spanish-speaking world that engages their minds, their bodies, their imaginations, and their sense of fun. Marcela is the Peter Pan of Spanish-language immersion for children. Our son Toby has been completely captivated.


Simon Richter Professor and Chair Department of German University of Pennsylvania and Tina Muller, Ph.D.

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