• Simon Richter
    Professor and Chair Department of German University of Pennsylvania and Tina Muller, Ph.D.

    I’ve never seen total immersion for kids like this. Marcela takes the children on a journey into a Spanish-speaking world that engages their minds, their bodies, their imaginations, and their sense of fun. Marcela is the Peter Pan of Spanish-language immersion for children. Our son Toby has been completely captivated.

  • Neha Shah

    Our two boys (ages 2.5 and 4.5) have been attending Spanish workshop for children for the last 18 months. It was important for us to expose our children to multiple languages at very early ages so as we believe it is extremely important to be bilingual and trilingual in this super-connected global world. The immersion program is very effective and the only way to learn another language! The teachers are so wonderful and caring, making learning Spanish so enjoyable for the children. I would highly recommend this program along with the summer camp to all parents in the Princeton and surrounding areas!

  • Doug and Kristin Pfeil

    “Spanish Workshop for Children has been an invaluable experience for my two children, one in the Toddler Program and the other in the three hour Preschool. Not only are they learning another language through play and exciting curriculum, but they are exercising a part of their brain that is typically underutilized. The smaller class sizes allow for more individualized attention, while still providing plenty of opportunities for socialization. I love that material is e-mailed home weekly so that the family can reinforce what is being taught in class. The four instructors that we have had experience with over the years have been exceptional and have provided a welcoming environment for the children as well as the parents. My son cannot wait to return to the Summer Camp, it is his favorite part of the program.”

  • Molly Jones

    Many language programs talk to children in the given language and focus little attention on the child’s verbalization.What I have found to be different, and much more effective, about the Spanish Workshop for Children is that the teachers’ primary focus is to encourage the child to speak Spanish themselves.This recall has made all of the difference as both of my daughters now both have a reasonably extensive understanding of the language. Thank you Spanish Workshop!

  • Siobhán Kane

    My oldest son has been attending Spanish Workshop for Children since 2010 and my young son since 2014. They have attended Spanish for Toddlers classes, Spanish Preschool and Spanish for Children. Both boys throughly enjoy the experience. The teachers we have met throughout the years have been very cognizant of the fact that we are not a native Spanish speaking household and have worked with us all by giving us a fantastic level of everyday use Spanish and a great love of the language.

  • Gina Mastrosimone

    Spanish Workshop for Children is a world class Spanish language immersion program and my daughter has made remarkable strides in becoming bilingual thanks to the the top-quality instructions from her teacher, Sra. Victoria! My daughter started with SWFC when she just turned 3 years old and has attended the preschool class as well as the summer camp for the last 2 years. When she started, she already had a wide vocabulary and good understanding of Spanish but she wasn’t speaking. Within the first week, Sra. Victoria had her asking simple questions and within a month she was already speaking in paragraphs! Now she is even reading in Spanish! Sra. Victoria is very nurturing and has an interactive style that ensures the child is acquiring Spanish as a native-speaking child would. I am amazed at the progress my daughter has made and will be forever grateful to Sra. Victoria and Spanish Workshop for Children for helping my child become bilingual!

  • Monica Spadea
    Haverford, PA

    Soy de Venezuela y mi esposo Americano, el no habla mucho español por lo que en casa nos comunicamos en inglés. Aunque yo le hablo exclusivamente español a nuestra hija Valentina (3 años), queríamos que ella lo aprendiera en una forma natural y divertida. “Spanish Workshop for Children” es justo lo que estábamos buscando, no solo para enseñarle español, sino también para exponerla a la cultura y costumbres latinas. Las clases de Marcela son creativas y educativas y desde que Valentina asiste a ellas ha demostrado una notable diferencia en el desarrollo de su español.

  • Susan Cordero
    Philadelphia, PA

    Hi Marcela, I looked very hard for a Spanish program for my 18-month-old. ‘Spanish Workshop for Children’ is the only program that actually encourages children to start as early as possible. Marcela answered all of my questions about how children could learn to speak two languages at the same time. She emphasized over and over that children can learn to speak two languages without too much difficulty, as long as they are repeatedly exposed to the additional language in many different ways. Marcela’s teaching style is very unique. She incorporates music, art, playtime, and culture into each session. All of the lessons are provided to parents in both Spanish and English translations. You don’t even realize that you and your child are learning to speak Spanish! Marcela goes above and beyond, providing individual feedback to parents about how to tailor activities to their child’s age. Most of all, I appreciate her suggestions on how to keep the learning process going at home. I was very impressed with Marcela’s previous teaching experience. She seems to be constantly involved in the most up-to-date ways to educate children and adults on the importance of speaking Spanish. In addition, she provides parents with opportunities to obtain Spanish teaching tools (i.e., computer programs, stores to purchase educational books, and Spanish activities within the community).

  • Nina Rizzo

    I highly recommend Spanish Workshop to parents who want their children to learn to speak Spanish. My children have made tremendous strides since they joined the preschool class in September. The teachers are very enthusiastic, patient and loving. Moreover, they make learning fun. The weekly take-home materials help non-native speakers like me re-inforce the lessons at home and allow me to learn along with my children. It’s been a great experience for us all.

  • Shayna Bayard
    mother of Nile Philadelphia PA

    The Spanish Workshop for Children has enriched my son’s experience with language other than English. My four year old is always eager and exited about attending class each Saturday morning. As he continues with the Workshop, I look forward to witnessing his further grasp of the Spanish language.

  • Jennifer Wiley
    Oreland, PA

    Dear Marcela, When I adopted my daughter from Guatemala, I promised her that I would expose her to the Spanish language, even though at the time I wasn’t sure how I would do this, being that I didn’t speak the language. Thankfully, I found Marcela Summerville’s Spanish Workshop for Children, which turned out to be exactly what we needed! This workshop is geared toward children, but the parents who attend with their children get just as much out of it. Our vocabulary has grown to at least 50 words in little more than and months, and most of all, we have a great time learning! Marcela knows the minds of children, and she gears her lessons according to age groups. In that way, she makes the class both fun and fitting to their attention spans. Every week I am amazed at how she keeps it all so fresh! I recommend Spanish Workshop for Children very highly!

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