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Ozzie Summerville |

Dear Marcela, When I adopted my daughter from Guatemala, I promised her that I would expose her to the Spanish language, even though at the time I wasn’t sure how I would do this, being that I didn’t speak the language. Thankfully, I found Marcela Summerville’s Spanish Workshop for Children, which turned out to be exactly what we needed! This workshop is geared toward children, but the parents who attend with their children get just as much out of it. Our vocabulary has grown to at least 50 words in little more than and months, and most of all, we have a great time learning! Marcela knows the minds of children, and she gears her lessons according to age groups. In that way, she makes the class both fun and fitting to their attention spans. Every week I am amazed at how she keeps it all so fresh! I recommend Spanish Workshop for Children very highly!

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