Susan Cordero

Ozzie Summerville |

Hi Marcela, The class is going really great. You strive to use developmentally appropriate teaching strategies. This approach really makes an impact on both the kids and the moms. You always provide ways for parents to continue the learning process at home. Taking into considering that the attention span of the toddler is very short, you change the activities every 10 minutes. I really appreciate the reassurance you have provided along the way that my child is “taking it all in,” even if Sofia appears not to be listening. I like having the written lesson plans so I can read through them when I am at home, without the distractions of the classroom. I really wouldn’t change a thing. Even before I enrolled our child in the class, you corresponded with me numerous times. That one-on-one interaction truly swayed me to choose your language learning experience over others. It is readily apparent that you have put your heart and soul into planning these lessons. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from a real pro!!

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